Analog Communication is a data transmitting technique in a format that utilizes continuous signals to transmit data including voice, image, video, electrons etc. An analog signal is a variable signal continuous in both time and amplitude which is generally carried by use of modulation

1. Amplitude modulation

  1. DSB-SC
  2. SSB
  3. Modulation and demodulation
  4. Spectrum
  5. Power and efficiency
  6. Implementation of amplitude modulators and demodulators
  7. DSBSC Balanced modulator
  8. Coherent detection of DSBSC
  9. Squaring loop detection.
  10. SSB-SC- Phase Shift and Third method of generation
  11. Coherent detection of SSBSC

2. Carrier acquisition

  1. Phase locked loop, in DSB-SC and in SSB-SC. Signal multiplexing: FDM and TDM. AM Broadcasting: Radio transmitter and Receiver.

3. Bipolar Junction Transistor

  1. Phase locked loop in DSB-SC and in SSB-SC
  2. Signal multiplexing: FDM and TDM
  3. AM Broadcasting: Radio transmitter and Receiver

4. DC Biasing of BJT’s

  1. Operating Point
  2. Fixed-Bias Circuit
  3. Emitter-Stabilized Bias Circuit
  4. Voltage-Divider Bias
  5. Transistor Switching Networks
  6. Bias Stabilization (Fixed Bias, Emitter-Bias and Voltage-Divider Bias)

5. Field Effect Transistors

  1. Construction and Characteristics of JFETs
  2. Transfer Characteristics
  3. Depletion-Type MOSFET
  4. Enhancement-Type MOSFET
  5. CMOS

6. Field Effect Transistors Biasing

  1. Fixed-Bias Configuration
  2. Self-Bias Configurations
  3. Voltage-Divider Bias Configuration (both n- and p channel)
  4. Enhancement-Type MOSFETs – Feedback Biasing Arrangement
  5. Enhancement-Type MOSFETs – Voltage –Divider Biasing Arrangement

7. Operational Amplifiers

8. Feedback and Oscillator Circuits

  1. Feedback Concepts
  2. Feedback Amplifier-Phase and Frequency Considerations
  3. Oscillator Operation

9. Two Terminal Devices

  1. Photodiodes
  2. Photoconductive Cells
  3. IR Emitters
  4. Liquid Crystal Displays
  5. Solar Cells
  6. Thermistors
  7. Silicon- Controlled Rectifier (SCR)